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  1. it’s not the number of days that we shared
    it’s not the hours in the days
    it’s simply the moments in the hours that has helped me
    become the micki I was meant to be…
    Thanks for your lessons Dana…I will remember you…forever!

  2. Dana was such a bright, vibrant influence in my life! What a loss to me, my sister, and the world! We should all feel so blessed to have had the privilege to know her! I don’t want to say “Rest in Peace,” because I know that Dana is over there right now, busily taking care of business. I look forward to the day we will be together again!

  3. What a blessing Dana was in my life.
    My computer tech, Dr. Jarvis I call him, was out of town and I had a problem.
    I called Associated Tech & Dana took the call, came out & through her loving play with my dog, Maddie, I learned she did in-home dog/house-sitting.
    And a wonderful friendship began. I had the freedom to travel, knowing that my pup and my home were in the best hands. I got to know Amy as well and learned how very talented they both were.
    I know that Dana, Maddie & Freebie are in a beautiful place.
    My heart goes out to Amy.
    I am so thankful that she was there, caring for Dana through it all.
    I am keeping Amy in my prayers and hope we will stay in touch.

  4. We loved Dana and Amy’s visits to our houseboat on Lake Texoma. Dana always brought something to grill as part of our meal–often portabello mushrooms with blue cheese and would often clean the grill, muttering something about tools. We have been looking forward to repeating the experience on the Sacramento River Delta once she and Amy moved to San Jose but that wasn’t to be. We will miss her but everytime I play my I-Pod Nano, original I-Pod, my I-Pod Touch, or use my I-Phone, I will think of her.

  5. Hello Drew & Amy: I am sorry to learn of Dana’s passing. I know she meant the world to you both, and vice versa. I do have many fond early memories of the Wolosons and the Townsons getting together for one occasion or another. I remember Dana first playing “Rock around the Clock” on the sax at our parents’ house in Rochester. Hey, everyone starts somewhere. I remember Drew & Dana being “members” of the Dallas Cowboys team during Super Bowls. Over the years, Dana was always faithful in keeping in touch with our mom at Christmas and on her birthday, which will always be appreciated. In doing so, Dana would always keep us abreast of the goings-on of the people she loved. Dana: Thanks for keeping in touch – We already miss you. Sincerely submitted, AJW

  6. “A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam
    And for a brief moment
    its glory and beauty belong to our world
    But then it flies again
    And though we wish it could have stayed…
    We feel lucky to have seen it.”
    ♥♥♥Dana was (and is still) a special and bright spirit with a calming energy and a radiant, smiling heart. It’s heartbreaking to lose her to the other-world, but picturing her resting peacefully and happily in the Summerland, rejuvenating for whatever comes next, helps to remind me that this is not the end for her. It’s just a new beginning.
    One day (last winter) when I was on the phone with Amy, she called Dana her “good luck charm” and the love in her voice made me smile—it was always easy to see how much they truly loved each other and enjoyed one anothers company. I will not ever forget Dana or the fun-filled memories I have of her, and I know that I am so fortunate to have shared some life and time with her while she was here. Until we meet again….♥♥♥

  7. Having just learned of Dana’s passing, I am completely devastated and am having difficulty with words as I write this. I had a wonderful phone conversation with her last year and distinctly remember her energy, voice, laugh, and presence. I have a vivid childhood memory of hanging out at her house in Pittsford (circa 1975) – I remember her Mom playing / singing “Moon River” with Dana and Drew in the living room…….piano and sax and guitar surrounding our smiles….
    With everloving memories,
    Your friend, Tree

  8. Amy, your loss is our loss. Dana was special to us and we will hold on tight to our fond memories. Memories that were made with you both. Shed the tears that she is gone but smile because she lived. And she lived and loved you.

  9. Now, I have lost both of my sisters. My heart aches losing both of them, but I have gained two guardian angels. “Dana, we miss you and we love you! You will never be forgotten.” So many memories we had, growing up in Pittsford, NY; Attending Allendale-Columbia; Bus rides home, sledding down the big hill in the winter; Partying together; Meeting up in Texas after graduation; Remembering Onnie; And seeing each other for the last time out in Denton. My wife and I had just moved back to Texas in May, 2011 from Michigan. We had no clue that Dana and Amy had relocated out West to accept a new job assignment. We were making plans to drive out and visit them in Denton, TX asap. How wonderful about her work! I knew Dana loved her job and they loved her even more; She would occasionally tell me how spectacular it was. She was very good at what she did for them. Dana was good at everything she set her mind out to accomplish; LOL, she was very competetive! My deepest, heart-felt condolences to Drew and all of the other family members. Danes was very special to me and to the family. My Mom is still in Rochester, and she also had very fond memories of Dana over the years. She is saddened as we all are of her passing; But may she rest in Eternal Peace. It’s so hard to say goodbye…..

  10. I was so sorry to learn of Dana’s passing. I went to high school with Dana, and though I haven’t seen her in 30 years, I remember her very well and very fondly. She had a wonderful spirit, and my thoughts are with all of her family and friends.

  11. Though I haven’t seen Dana since high school, the wonderful spirit and energy she brought to anyone she touched and anything she did is always remembered, and I was so sorry to hear of her passing. I have no doubt that loving spirit only grew greater and wider as time went on. Sending prayers to all those your love touched who are feeling your loss

  12. January 16, 2012

    A ma chère Dana,
    Même si tu me manques profondément, SACHE, du fond de mon coeur brisé, que tu y seras, y resteras, et y vivras éternellement. La nôtre était une amitié spéciale, n’est-ce pas, qui a duré plus de 34 ans sur cette terre, et qui durera jusqu’à ma mort, où nous nous retrouverons ensemble, encore une fois. Ce n’est qu’un au revoir, ma chère! Adieu, et repose toi en paix.
    ALL my love, ma petite, Mary Ellen

    Mary Ellen La Flèche,
    Rochester, New York

  13. I kept trying to think of what to say before posting, but there are no words to express how much she will be missed. I know everyone has beautiful memories of her, as do I. She was like my little sister for the entire time I knew her. There is another star in heaven.

  14. I didn’t know Dana very long,but when she came into the 7-11 in Southlake,Tx after getting off from work and began talking to me I knew I had met a true and honest friend. I did get to taste those ribs share some long conversations and very special times. When I met Amy I could see the Love they had for each other, it just glowed all around. I am so glad she had Amy by her side. My love and prayers go out to Amy each and everyday. Dana you are missed.

  15. I remember training Dana in one of my Mac Genius classes. She looked at me and said “You really love your job don’t you?” I told her “Yes, yes, I do”.
    We talked via e-mail about doing what you love. When Dana had an opportunity to be a Mac Genius trainer we would discuss tips and techniques for delivering a class. She was so happy and I feel proud to have helped her reach her goals.
    I am sorry for your loss Amy. Dana was a terrific person and will be missed.

  16. I keep trying to find a way to make it not true. Dana Dana Dana, I will think of you when I look up at the moon, and give you a wave and a wink. Sad you are gone, but SO glad you were here.

  17. There’s a little less magic in the world today.
    That’s what Dana was.
    An angel who walked among us for much too short a time.
    Dana gave us a glimpse of Heaven.
    Thank you for sprinkling your Stardust on me, Dana.
    I will try to deserve it.

  18. I was only priviledged to meet Dana one time. I was impressed by two things more than any other. One, her loving, caring attitude towards everything she did and everyone she knew. I felt close to Dana from the first instant I met her. What a wonderful person she was. I would have enjoyed knowing her much more than I did.
    Secondly, I was taken by her love and gratitude towards my Niece Amy. I could see the wonderful bond that the two of them shared and the joy with which they approached life and each other. I shall always remember her with fondest memories. I wish I could have mourned her more, and shared a tear, along with the love she had for Amy, friends and life.

  19. Dear Dana,
    Peter and I looked forward to getting to know you so much more. You were a rewarding person that we count lucky to have met. We are sad that there was not more time to enjoy knowing you. You have opened our eyes though to how fragile life is and how important and special each day should be celebrated. LOVE YOU!!! XXOO

  20. I did not get the chance to know Dana and Amy very long, but my fondest memory involves a portable toilet and a flooding one, peppermint, and laughing. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives even if for a short time – what a blessing it is to me.

  21. Gone But Not Forgotten

    Don’t think of her as gone away
    Her journey’s just begun
    Life holds so many facets
    This earth is only one
    Just think of her as resting
    From the sorrows and the tears
    In a place of warmth and comfort
    Where there are no days and years
    Think how she must be wishing
    That we could know, today
    Now nothing but our sadness
    Can really pass away
    And think of her as living
    In the hearts of those she touched
    For nothing loved is ever lost
    And she is loved so very much

  22. The world is diminished by Dana’s passing but improved by the too few years she spent in it. She’s still alive when I think of her, and when I do – she’s always laughing. I remember long conversations in college when the future and present were given equal weight, she was both looking forward and living every second to the fullest – not a moment wasted in her life. Although she had too few years, she added more to the world than most who live twice as long. In my mind she’s still here, smiling.

  23. Dear Amy,

    From Stuart and Judith Reid.
    We love and miss Dana. What is wonderful is that she is still here with every person who knew her. One needed only to meet Dana once, or if lucky to get to meet and be with she and you many times to experience the beautiful energy and spirit she shared with all around her. As your friends and as Dana’s friends, we have the honor and privilege to continue to share Dana’s great energy and spirit.

    With Love and Respect,

    Stuart and Judith

  24. We All Have the Music In Us

    It’s amazing how music can bring people together from many walks of life, demographics and ethnicities.

    Experts say that music recognition is often one of the last things a person with dementia can recall.

    A special song can emit emotions of sadness, happiness, anger, but best of all, it can take us to our pasts — special songs that possibly only you and your best friend will associate with that time at the lake or riding in your high school car with the windows down, hair blowing in the wind and just being carefree. Music can take us to our happy place.

    I experienced this yesterday while attending a memorial service for a woman who I hadn’t had the pleasure to meet before she passed. We are about the same age, so many of the songs that were in her favorites playlist were some of my most coveted songs, too. Her brother could tell stories of when he and she heard a particular song by the 70s rock icon, “Boston.” We could all remember where we were and associate our special memories with many of the same songs too, even though we all grew up in different places with different people.

    Some folks put on special peppy tunes to keep them motivated to clean their homes. Others will listen to sad tunes when they’re sad to experience a necessary hard cry.

    Even though I didn’t know the woman who passed, I can tell we would have hit it off wonderfully. Our musical tastes were quite similar. I understand she was musically gifted. I would have been thrilled to have accompanied her sax playing while I banged on my air guitar.

    Dana’s heaven will have a never-ending playlist of Boston, Sergio Mendes, Lynrd Skynrd and many others that I likely don’t even know about. That’s OK. Dana can introduce me to new tunes when I meet her in our next lifetime.

    RIP Dana.

  25. I will never forget the day meeting Dana…. you know how you can just meet someone, and it is like you have known each other for years…..What a charisma. We were stuck at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. Over a couple of beers, I was becoming newly acquanted with my first iPhone… not knowing who it was I was sitting next to. Then we started talking BBQs and I was sharing pictures of my husband’s and my project of an outdoor kitchen. It has become home to an annual event known as Becktoberfest….a huge party we throw for the neighborhood and as many people as can find parking. Dana and Amy were a huge hit even though they were not able to come in person…. as they provided some special BBQ for our second annual event. Thank goodness, as that was the only food I got that night.
    We stayed in touch via e-mail and Dana’s mindful watching over as I started my own buisness. Supporting from afar as one of the first “Fan’s” of PAWS on facebook and hr hopeful words as I lept into an unknown future…. with the inspiration to follow my heart and take a leap of faith and accept support and encouragement from a stranger turned immediate friend….

    May you be an inspiration every day to all of those you touched. May we forever remember the light that you shown, your exquisit talents, zest for life and the excitment of the ever new, ever changing, and ever exciting thing we call life… I hope to carry the light you shown to others…. stuck in an airport on a rainy late evening and sharing stories with a good beer!!! Cheers, may your smile live on forever.

    Amy, while we have yet to meet in person, if there is ever a time you are in Minnesota, don’t hesitate to look me up. I would love to meet in person the love of Dana’s life…..you too have to be an extrodinary person. The Becktoberfest party always has room for more…. and a BBQ cook off could be quite the event.

  26. Still think of you all the time.
    I’m betting that was you trying to help me hook up with the red haired girl next door.
    One day a tree fell on her fence, I saw it first, perfect chance to break the ice.
    I thought, that’s Dana up there giving me a hand.
    No luck yet, maybe we’ll hit it soon.
    Was just thinking about your voice last night, how I miss it.
    I’ll have the delight of hearing it once again, all in God’s good time.
    Love you Dana !!

  27. You are in my thoughts today, dear Dana. I hail this day for the memories of you it holds, and for the smiles you continue to bring whenever I think of your good cheer and joyful nature. You are remembered fondly on this, your special day, with hopes the stars will shine ever so brightly for you tonight in tribute to your presence among them.

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